Main Entry: 1cre·a·tive                                                   
Pronunciation: krE-'A-tiv,
Function: adjective
1 : marked by the ability or power to
create : given to creating <the creative impulse>
2 : having the quality of something
created rather than imitated : IMAGINATIVE
<the creative arts>

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Creative Finesse Co.

Photo of Jenna Van Son, President-Creative Finesse
Business support services from start to Finessed! We provide most aspects of General Business Services, customized to meet your needs and all at prices tailored just for you!  (Includes business plans & proposals, business development & expansion, web design, printing, marketing & promotional services, business startup, incorporation filing- LLC, C-Corp, Nonprofit; graphic design, creative services & also something for those who love poetry.)  Take your business to the next level by adding Creative Finesse!  Where NO project is too small!  We free you up to do what you do best - Run Your Business.
Jenna Van Son, President of Creative Finesse, has served in the business administration field for over twenty years.  She is pleased to offer her extensive business background in service to you and welcomes you to the operational peace of mind that is a proven direct result of having professional business support services available to you from start to Finessed.  Welcome to Creative Finesse!                

Jenna Van Son



Main Entry: 1fi·nesse                                 
Etymology: Middle English, from
Middle French, from fin
1 : refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture
2 : skillful handling of a situation : adroit maneuvering
















Operating your business day to day can be cumbersome, especially if administrative tasks are not your forte or if your daily activities already consume a great portion of your expendable time.  But the worst thing you can do is to continue to repeatedly put those all important operational tasks off - time and time again.  Being faced with a mountain of paperwork or long to-do lists is no fun - not for any one!  Come to us for turnkey business support.

Planning your business venture alone can be daunting work.  Where to begin, when is it time, who to turn to for trusted, reliable, expedient assistance?  These are reasonable questions.  Your idea and plans for a business startup are important to you.  Writing your business plan or preparing to incorporate can not be accomplished overnight and often not without added assistance.  The time may be just right to get going, but what next?

Going full steam ahead with the high aspiration of achieving your business dream is admirable.  But when things get murky and you begin to question your decision to go it alone, don't.  Many business owners get off to a great start but then their plans begin to unravel and often due to unforeseen circumstances.  If faced with the difficult decision of continuing on or throwing in the towel, seek a second opinion.  If you still have a glimmer in your eye and the dream wants to live on, you may simply need an encouraging and supportive ally to help you make it over the hump to come out on the other side with a reasonable plan of action in hand.

Meeting the ideal customer is always a positive.  You've sold them verbally on your idea, but now they want to see something on paper.  Developing the winning business proposal, one that outshines the competition, is important.  You need to convey in writing all that you shared with them and even more.  What to cover in your proposal and how?  This daunting task isn't one that you have to face alone.

Not a business owner or operator but faced with a project that you need an extra pair of hands on, or a new set of eyes for an enhanced perspective?  These types of challenges are faced daily by the every person.  Something as simple as coordinating a move can be overwhelming if other circumstances are present such as a busy work schedule, a family with constant needs, or simply no idea on where to begin.  An event can be approaching full speed ahead and you are the person responsible for the event planning.  You either step up to the plate or you disappoint, but what to do or where to turn when you have no idea at all on what you want to do? 

If you have found yourself in the position of procrastinating about the behind the scenes aspects of your operations, you are not alone.  That is the reason why Creative Finesse was created, to assist you so that you no longer procrastinate - you take action.  By making the executive decision to allow someone else to oversee these aspects of your operations, you make the wise decision of moving forward.

Don't wait another moment.  Contact Creative Finesse so that your operations can function smoothly and your mind be placed at ease knowing that your business support services or special needs are in good hands. 


  • Tasks Pending:
  • Business Plan Preparation*
  • Customer Business Proposal Development*
  • Invoice Submission*
  • Business Printing Needs - cards, letterhead, logo*
  • Correspondence*
  • Web Design*
  • Promotional Material Development*
  • Corporation Filing: C Corp, LLC, Non Profit*
  • Editing or Proofreading Pending*
  • Event or Meeting Coordination*
  • Business Revamp and/or Think Tank Session*
  • Other Tasks*

Visit the OUR PRICING link for additional detail on these.

  • Creative Finesse Can:
  • Prepare for you
  • Develop for you
  • Oversee and send for you
  • Design and print for you
  • Write for you
  • Design and host for you
  • Develop for you
  • Prepare and file incorporation for you
  • Edit and Proofread for you
  • Plan, arrange, & coordinate beside you
  • Listen and help - with you
  • Ask us - we are here for you

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Useful "links highlights" provided by Creative Finesse for Woman-Owned and Operated Small Businesses.

We often receive or come across information that we think is worth sharing with you.  Many of the items that we have found have been listed in the "Our Links" page of this site, but sometimes we want to avoid having this information get lost in the crowd and therefore provide as a highlight for you. 

We hope these are of interest and also possibly offer assistance.  If you come across a link that you think we should include in the "Our Links" section or as a "highlight", please notify us at  We'll review and consider for inclusion.  Thank You!

Creative Finesse Link Highlights!
A brief summary of current or special links.  Thanks for browsing.  HP Online Classes has extensive training courses that are available to you according to your needs, your schedule and most definitely within your budget - these classes are free!  They offer a vast listing of classes that are sure to enhance your skills in areas that you may have had plans to sharpen, but just did not know that such a resource was available.  Visit them and sharpen your administrative, business and creative skills.

Knead Realtor - a professional real estate company with a multitude of resources available to meet your needs - and they have their own administrative component in-house to help streamline your transaction with the care and customer service level you deserve.  Visit them at  A Keller Williams agent. - This is a new site recently launched by Faith Writers (a Christian writer site).  The emphasis is on Work At Home Moms and providing information, assistance and business support with making this transition into home based business a smooth, fulfilling and blessed process. - This sites offers their assistance and support with starting a home business and says "Working from home is a dream for many but actually going ahead and starting a home business is very difficult. Let us help!" - This site provides creative connections to work at home business opportunities. They state that you can "find legitimate internet business opportunities that require no or minimal start-up fees, have desirable products, and are profitable."  - Prepare to enjoy this assortment of personalized greeting cards offered as yet another Creative Finesse Creation.  The Cards Creation are custom-made and hand decorated using beautiful, colorful, meaningful photos with touching, cheery, and even funny sentiments inside.  Each greeting card is pre-signed with your name and each assorted occasional card set is accompanied by ready to go envelopes preprinted in a variety of colors with your name and return address.  You need only stuff, stamp and send as the occasion arises.   And now introducing our new Cards Creation Note Cards!  A large selection of custom cards includes the new option of reserving your exclusive design! Join Colgate-Palmolive as another satisfied customer and purchase your Cards Creation sets today!

Your Day Your Way Calendar
- The one and only customized 365-day Personalized Calendar that includes events, photos, tidbits and even reminders. The calendar comes complete with all the events  that  are important to you and includes those special photos or picture items that add  the  impact  you desire. The perfect gift for your loved one or simply to impress the recipient! - When you need to look up a business or determine who it was that attempted to contact you, the online White Pages can come in handy.  They also offer "Reverse Look-Up, which is a convenient tool for businesses.

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