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Creative Finesse has revamped operations.  The business support services previously offered are no longer available.  This site remains to provide business resources and information for you.

Thank you!

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The Creative Finesse team
consists of a group of talented people who are pleased to provide general business services to you and have had the opportunity to hone their professional skills in diverse corporate arenas, including: University Administration, Legal Office Accounting, Public Relations Operation, major television studio setting, foremost California educational association,  large restaurant/entertainment chain headquarters, and in various small office settings.  Operating from Fontana, California, the quickly expanding suburb in the Inland Empire, with the advantage of the internet and technology, we are never too far away to serve your general business service needs. You will benefit from our Administrative Support for your business.  Having offered our best for years to the advantage of others, we now strive to share that excellence with you, our business clientele.  And considering that we are much happier doing so, we have discovered that our abilities have only grown.  You reap the full benefit of our courageous move.                                                                           
Your needs will be addressed by a member of our team - an Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Accounting Lead, International Customer Service Representative, MBA, published writer, and all Christian staff.  We have the experience behind us to stay ahead in the process.  We operate with a firm belief that giving our best to others gets the best in return.  You will NEVER experience  or receive less than excellent service from us.  That is our promise to you.  If you are seeking to interact with the strongest of positive attitudes, then you have come to the right place.  If you are tired of having to accept bad excuses for poor professional behavior, then again, you have come to the right place.  If you seek freshness of spirit and a youthful newness of perspective that comes from confident experience, then Creative Finesse will answer your call.  Our general business services include small business web design and web domain name registration, small business plan development, transcription, editing, printing services and almost all related aspects to provide business support from start to Finessed!
Our collective reputations have always been such that others marvel at our ability to remain positive NO MATTER WHAT.  We are thankful for kindness and appreciation in return for that given by us, and our clients are considered more than sources of income, they are our friends.  We hope to develop a relationship with you that builds and grows based upon continued interactions and also mutual respect, not to mention our providing superior service to you.  If you'd like additional information, please view Jenna's Work Experience History to see why Creative Finesse should be your general business services provider.

Why Us?   With Creative Finesse you have peace of mind that your general business services, small business, creative, or any other project will be completed by us as if we were doing it for ourselves.  Why?  Because we are.  EACH and EVERY project stands as a reflection of us, our professionalism, our dedication to our field, our commitment to you, and most importantly our need for approval from above.  We do not desire to have to hang our heads in shame.  We stand not only behind our work, but beside you in the process. 

We understand that oftentimes the small business person needs assistance with taking their business to the next level.  Maintaining a professional image, while working hard to achieve your operational goals, is of the utmost importance.  We can assist you with putting your best operational face forward so that you can focus on running your operation.  And if you are just now beginning the task of starting a new business, we may be a valuable asset to you in your small business plan development, incorporation filing, small business web design or web domain name registration.  On the other hand, sometimes those larger operations need an added hand on last minute projects or recurrent assistance on specific tasks.  We also offer this sort of support.

We are fair, we are reliable, we are conscientious, and we aim to please.  We believe in treating others as we want to be treated - in an EXCELLENT manner.  No less.  Nothing is too good and we thrive on the excitement generated by the beauty of creative genius.   It is contagious; you'll thrive on it too!

Our pricing is acceptable: hard work, honest pay, strongly positive personal reward.  And for your part, word of mouth builds new relationships.  It is a wonderful cycle.  We can help you take your business to the next level.  We will get the job done. We will get YOUR job done!

Let Us Help!  Still deciding?  We understand.  Let Us Help.  Your special project and general business service needs are important to you and you don't want to place it in just ANYBODY'S hands.  We won't try to "talk" you into it.  The final decision must be yours and we will leave you to make it.  Look around.  Ask around.  Go where you feel most comfortable.  I know we would, BECAUSE WE HAVE! 

That is why we joined together to become Creative Finesse.  This is where we feel most comfortable.  It took years, it took trial and error "out there".  Now that we are here, rest assured that we are here for you.  You get no less from us than we give for ourselves.  That is our promise.

Need more?  Feel free to Email us.  We'd LOVE to chat with you, answer your questions, put you at ease.  And if you still decide to go elsewhere, we'll be happy for the opportunity to offer sincere well wishes.  Who knows, maybe you'll be back. 
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Not comfortable with Emailing?  Don't have time to talk now? Not a problem. You can also see our "Contact Us" page.  Remember, we are pleased to offer business support from start to Finessed!


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