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Creative Finesse has revamped operations.  The business support services previously offered are no longer available.  This site remains to provide business resources and information for you.  These links remain from when we offered business support services. (We hope that the links are still accurate and active.)

Thank you!

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Creative Finesse Co., provider of General Business Services including small business web design and web domain name registration, is pleased to provide the following links as a resource for Woman Owned and Operated Businesses. We hope that this listing of links will be of assistance to you as a resource or simply for pleasant reading.

Useful Web Addresses:                                                                          (Note: You will leave the Creative Finesse website.)
This list is added to and reviewed regularly in order to provide you with updated information and to assure that the sites noted continue to offer accurate and appropriate content.  


Women and Family - African American Roots is a full service provider of products and services for the African American wedding, and anniversary.  Their slogan is Combining Old With New . . . Defining You . . .  The site has beautiful items and has compiled useful information for those interested in making this a custom for their special day. This site "is built around four primary content areas – Faith, Family, Fun and Community.  Each category is further subdivided into areas of significance to many Christians, including Bible Study, Devotionals, Marriage, Parenting, Music, etc." - This is a new site recently launched by Faith Writers (a Christian writer site).  The emphasis is on Work At Home Moms and providing information and assistance with making this a smooth, fulfilling and blessed process.   -  This is a creative site that promotes internet businesses owned and operated by mothers.  It shares ideas on promoting this type of business, as well as useful insight on the "how to".  There is a place for networking and lots of additional informational links. Useful information for those of us who divide our time between the office and our families.  Tips and insight to help us do both and do both well. - This site is called Home Based Working Moms and it is targeted specifically to the mom who does it all - but from home.  There are ideas on opportunities for home based businesses as well as guides, insight and encouragement too. - This appropriately named site is a strong inspiration to those moms who have opted to stay home and raise their family.  They offer kudos, tips, training, online chat sessions that inspire and motivate, but also educate regarding business, and the integration of this into the busy mother's home and life!

 Women and Business - This sites states that they are the #1 business resource for Business Women! Get valuable information to start or grow your small business.  They have a membership fee but offer resources as well. - This sites offers their assistance with starting a home business and says "Working from home is a dream for many but actually going ahead and starting a home business is very difficult. Let us help!" - This site is a compilation of home based business ideas and opportunities.  Many links and resources for home based businesses are combined into the one location.  You may find it a useful resource. - It seems that we have stumbled upon a site that has our basic intent at heart - visit Woman Centric to see for yourself.  Their mission is "to create an active online community portal that provides the most comprehensive and relevant experience to women in business as possible." And they also state that the site is not all work and no play, they have an area designated to other important aspects of a woman's life.  Woman Centric offers free registration on their site and wonderful networking opportunities as well. - For those of you located in or traveling to the Bay Area, you may want to visit this site. The Professional Business Women of California is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the professional and personal development of Bay Area women by providing tools, resources, training and inspiration. They offer a conference and provide details about it on their site. - With the tag line "The New Generation of Leadership for Women", the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce speaks tons.  Visit this site for business resources and the ultimate Chamber of Commerce - specifically for women. - Merriam-Webster Online!  This is a MUST HAVE link for all women in business.  It is the official site of the renowned M-W Dictionary and also Thesaurus.  A helpful tool that is never obsolete.
- This site states a mission of bringing together businesswomen of diverse occupations and providing opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally.  -  This multilingual site, hosted by the Small Business Association, includes a wealth of information for women entrepreneurs, including details on Starting, Financing, and Managing a business.  There are also tips on Business Opportunities. - Filled with resources for women considering starting a business, expanding an existing business, or simply looking  to support woman entrepreneurs who have already taken that first step. - "Black Career Women" is a site that can be utilized to obtain information, view encouraging statistics, network with women of color, and also join in celebrating the successes of black career women. - A powerful organization for women in business, definitely worth consideration for an association membership. - Assistance from the government is provided for women entrepreneurs on this site that is highlighted as "Your One-Stop Shop for Resources".  The importance of women in the business world is acknowledged and recognized and we are called the "driving force in our economy".  Great site to visit!


Women and Spirit

Musical Spiritual Blessings & Uplifting are offered care of this beautiful site that is packed full of wonderful, inspirational Christian songs.  You can go to the link and it begins to play for you.  How wonderful this is-especially when you are in search of a soul lift!    
The sight is based at under the heading,  sisters building sisters/daily prayer.  The link is too long  to place here but if you want it, feel free  to click here to gain the link.  When you get to  the site, go to the upper right hand corner and click the  "skip the ad" link to proceed to the musical site. - Stonecroft Ministries is a site that indicates that "In a world where it's easy to feel alone and disconnected, Stonecroft Ministries provides a variety of resources to help women connect with God, with each other, and with their communities.  The site offers "groups" that you can belong to, and touts a 66 year history. - Noted in the Christian Examiner as an "outlet" that "offers front door approach to evangelism".  This seems to be a refreshing approach to Christian outreach, with a focus on building women, friendships, community.  Their slogan is, "Changing Hearts, Changing Lives, One Girlfriend at a Time." - This minority operated site fits into more than one category and the creator states that she "strives to empower women to realize their God-given potential."  They work with dynamic women's organizations worldwide to facilitate healing and restoration for women.  -  This is a refreshing site!  Their motto is "Connecting Women of all ages and backgrounds in a community of support and love through Jesus Christ."   There are various sections that provide support to the "mommies" in a multitude of ways. - A diverse Christian site packed with varying topics including books and reviews, a virtual conference, stories, newsletter subscriptions and even Christian romance novels. - A growing site that seeks to offer inspiration, a place for sharing and communicating, for women of wealth (knowledge).
This site also offers free email addresses to those who register as a "woman of wealth". - A strong site for Christian women that incorporates multiple facets into one place.  There is even a space for "working women".  You will find areas for advice, parenting, spiritual growth, relationships, prayer and much, much more.  Considering all that we face in life, having a safe haven is a blessing.


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