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Creative Finesse has revamped operations.  The business support services previously offered are no longer available.  This site remains to provide business resources and information for you.

Thank you!

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Our goal as you contract with us
is to provide superior general business services at a reasonable price.  In today's business world you get what you pay for, but our question to you is why pay for more than you receive?  We base our pricing on the work done - no more and no less. We offer customized, personalized general business services and administrative support using all that is needed to complete your job, hence our name.  Each project is unique though
many will mirror others.  We can work with you to get the job done according to your needs.  Our goal is a satisfied, repeat customer who spreads the word about our excellent work. That cannot be achieved by over-billing.  But nor can it be achieved by undercutting ourselves.  And yes, we at Creative Finesse believe that you will find our final product "PRICELESS"!  

No Hidden Surprises: We will discuss your general business services or creative project with you and based upon input received, develop a comprehensive proposal that covers each aspect of your contracted work.  We will outline our understanding of the work requested, get clarification from you before proceeding and then present our final proposal.  This we do at NO CHARGE to you.  We will not be satisfied until you are.  We will not begin a job until you are comfortable.  We do not work in hourly increments, though that is the basis for determining our fees.  The total dollar amount for your project will be presented to you in advance.  Upon receiving your approval, we'll happily move forward with our Creative Finesse and begin your special project.  

CONTACT US  for a detailed breakdown of our pricing for our services, which includes our very reasonable pricing structure.  If you do not see the service you seek listed, please do not hesitate to Contact Us care of the link at the top of the page.  The Pricing Links to the left of the page provide an overview of proposed pricing.  All final prices must be established by us after a review of your project requirements.

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